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Brown Library
Board of Trustees

Ray Midgett
Dr. Mara V. Graves
Christine Blackstone
Joe Phipps
Yvonne Saleem
Rick Gagliano


The Brown Library is truly a great library. It manages to do wonders given its size and resources. In the year 2009, it had a circulation of 105,215. This included the grand total of items that were checked out: adult, juvenile and young adult fiction and non-fiction books, DVDs, music and spoken CDs, videos and audiocassettes. 2,178 people got new library cards (1.626 adults and 552 juveniles). The total book stock was 63,537. Library patrons visited the library 86,689 times. Its 10 internet computers were used 13,897 times; many young adults/ students used them to do their homework and research for school. An additional 681 patrons used the internet for history/genealogy purposes. The Brown Library has been highly rated by Hennenís American Public Library Ratings, a national library rating authority.



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